Are Cage Traps a Good Option for Rats?

Most people out there have really good hearts, especially when it comes to Bergen County animals, even animals that no one really wants around. We may not like rats, mice, or squirrels because they can be a real nuisance and do a lot of damage to your home, but to most people they still see these New Jersey rodents as cute little animals that need to be protected. They hate to see anything happen to anyone of them.

This is true of New Jersey rats as well. As much as most may not like the rat, there is still a certain sense of cuteness to these critters that can make it hard to just outright get rid of them. It is understandable that some may grow affection for the little beasts, and so they choose to trap the Bergen County rats instead of just outright killing them. This way they can look to relocate them and give them a chance to survive.

The question you should be asking yourself is if this is as humane as you would like to believe. You may be surprised that is really isn't at all. Let's first begin by stating that we know your heart is in the right place, so you want to give these New Jersey animals a chance to survive. This is perfectly admirable of you. It shows that you see the blessing in all animals, not just the ones that we keep as pets. However, you should be aware that most rats that are trapped and released somewhere else actually have a very survival rate. The fact that they are torn from their “home” and dropped in unfamiliar surroundings, not aware of where to find food or shelter, and left vulnerable to predators, makes it very dangerous for the survival. We are not saying it is a bad thing to catch and relocate the Bergen County rat; we just want you to understand the pitfalls of this as well.

If you have decided to catch and relocate the Bergen County rat then you need to know these things so that your choice of release zone is one where it can survive. You are looking for two things that are important for its survival: a place to find shelter and a place to find food. You probably don't want it near your garbage cans, because you may get bit going outside to take out the trash. Look for a place that offers these further away from your home, like a place where logs are at and nuts or fruit are around.

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