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Where Should I Relocate a Trapped Rat?

So you found that you had a Bergen County rat in your home and you went out and got a trap to try to capture it. The great thing is that you found the right bait, set up the tap and in no time that rat was trapped like…well…a rat in a cage. This is what you were looking for, and you had the success you were wanting. Now you are wondering what to do with the creature.

You don't want to take him or her very far, so the sensible thing to do is to let it go outside of your home, but you don't want it getting right back in. This will defeat your master plan of trying to get the rat out of your home in the first place. If you let it out and it finds its way right back in then you will look foolish for even trying in the first place. However, it is understandable that you don't want to be taking the rat on a long drive to the country. You want to get rid of this thing and as quickly as possible, so letting it go outside just makes sense. So what do you do here?

The place to begin is by doing a thorough investigation around your Bergen County home to see if you can find any place where it may have found access into your house. Keep in mind that it does not take much for a rat to gain access, so look for loose boards, cracks in the siding, gaps in the boards, a hole in the ground near the foundation, or a crack in a window. These can all be entry points and give the New Jersey rat a way to keep going into and out of your home.

Once you have found this then you want to ensure that you seal this properly. Keep in mind that rats are gnawers, which means that many of the options you would put up to keep it out can be bitten through. This will give the New Jersey rat a way to get right back in. You sure don't want that. One of the best ways to solve an issue like this is to put steel wool in the seal that you use. If the Bergen County rat bites in this it will hurt its teeth and keep it from continuing to work on the hole to get it back open again. This should keep the rat out, so you can now release it and feel confident it will not return.

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